Vincea McClelland & Raymond Cousté September 2003

Vincea McClelland & Raymond Cousté September 2003

The McClelland Cousté duo bring together two outstanding virtuosos. The concert saw solo performances from both of them and a final section where they played together.

Raymond Cousté had two lutes; a renaissance one on which he played Dowland and a larger baroque lute comprising many more strings for playing some delightful 17th century pieces by Dufaut and Gautier.

Vincea McClelland played for us next on the guitar; firstly Rodrigo’s Tento Antiguo and Junto al Generalife (Close to the garden of Alhambra) and then some Jorge Morel arrangements; Misionera (a theme for women) and the familiar Bernstein’s America. I had never heard Generalife or Misionera before but both were beautiful with interesting tremolo passages.

After the interval Raymond returned this time with his guitar. Listed in the programme were two items intriguingly described as Mystery pieces. Raymond played the first of these called ‘Finger Runner’ which he had composed himself for his students to play to ensure they practiced their finger exercises! This was followed by the Villa Lobos studies 11, 5 and 10.

The two performers played together for the final part commencing with the second mystery piece which infact was a premiere performance of Mr. Wrigley's Lullaby arranged by Steve Marsh. Some lovely South American pieces followed Sambinha and Imagens du Nordeste by Celso Machado and then the Suite Latina by Alfonso Montes.

For the encore we were treated to Jorge Cardoso’s Milonga with Vincea playing the first pass of the piece as a solo with Raymond joining her on the second time through.

The concert was well attended by an appreciative audience.