Modern Guitar Trio November 2003

Modern Guitar Trio

In what was a first for the Greenwood a talented guitar trio “The Modern Guitar Trio” played at the Greenwood Centre. Also a first was that they played entirely their own compositions. They instilled a relaxed atmosphere by their punchy humour and the stories of behind their compositions.

The concert commenced with Cymmetry a 3 part suite by Vincent Lindsey-Clark. This delightful composition like others that followed was condensed from its original orchestral setting to guitar trio. A beautiful folky lyrical section between exciting rhythmic sections.

This was followed by Chadwick’s Three Kisses for Jenny; a composition of 3 dances written for his wife, commenced with the lively Jennies Jump. I especially liked the strident Clog Dance, which finished the set.

While much of the concert was performed as a trio there were some notable solos by Roland Chadwick and Vincent Lindsay Clark. In Song and Dance Number 3 Roland Chadwick two pieces named after streets in LA a beautiful lyrical (song) followed by a lively Tango (Dance) like piece. Later in the second half Vincent Lindsay Clark played a lovely baroque like piece inspired and written on a visit to the Isle of Sark. This was in fact a warm up to his Tarantella Diabolica a frenzied intense piece based on an Italian dance for ridding the effects of venom from a spider bite!

Continuing the song and dance theme, Song and Dance Number 4 was written by Chadwick in Australia. The first movement was soothing, inspired by moonlight over water and the Australian landscape. The second movement was rousing and contemporary as the composer had been listening to Genesis a lot at the time!

In Letter from LA Chadwick relates in music his sadness of the many homeless (Lost Angels), the Gay scene (Santa Monica) – this had a very compelling refrain and drew spontaneous applause, the attention of ladies hustling for their film career break (Sunset Strippers), and (Oscars Last Stand) sheer rock and roll.

The second half began with two interesting fusion pieces by Roland Gallery. Chameleon consisted of an 8 bar chord sequence in 5 sections. In Fear of the Dark a brooding piece in B flat minor many contemporary influences were evident including Santana, King Crimson and John Martin.

For the encore a humorous rendition of Yankee Doodle completed a splendid evening. The concert was a great success with the audience captivated by these three great guitar talents.


Cymmetry - Vincent Lindsey-Clark

Three kisses for Jenny - Roland Chadwick

Song & dance No 3 - Roland Chadwick

Song & dance No 4- Roland Chadwick


Two Fusion Pieces - Rolland Gallery

Tarantella Diabolica - Vincent Lindsey - Clark

Letter from LA - Roland Chadwick