Miscellaneous Concert Reviews
Miscellaneous Concert Reviews

Morgan Symanski 19th January 2004 Royal College of Music

Monday 19th January 2004 found me back at the R. C. M. for the first time for many years other than the occasional pre prom talk.

Morgan Symanski performed the Vivaldi guitar concerto accompanied by the R C M String ensemble led in a lively fashion by Gordan Nikolitch the leader of the London Symphony Orchestra.

There were, of course, the normal problems with balance whenever a guitar concerto is performed but credit needs to go to the young soloists and his young and lively accompanists.

Morgan’s left hand technique was flawless and his ability to let the stings sing or be instantly stopped at will more than impressed. His lively tempos in the two outside movements were a welcome relief on a cold wet night in West London and took me instantly to Venice and Vivaldi’s much loved Pieta Church.

This particular piece is not one I know well and, whereas a lute and a more period style would have suited me better, I was more than impressed by the piece in which I noticed quotations from the four seasons in the central movement and most of all the playing.

If this man maintains the standard he set on Monday night I am sure that a thrilling future awaits him and my advice is “If you haven’t heard him yet - don’t delay”

Steve Ledwick

 John Gates